Breach Menders Outreach Project (BMO) is an international outreach project devoted to standing in the gap for the needy in the community. It is a non-denominational, non-governmental and non-political organization. Breach Menders Outreach is an arm of The Generation of Godseekers Christian Fellowship. Gods mandate for (Gofgs) is to reach out to those who need help and support the needy in our generation, through almsgiving.

History: Breach Menders Outreach was founded in London and established first in Lagos Nigeria in 2010 by Pastor Victor Godwins.

What we do: BMO aim is to improve the quality of life for the needy in our community through person centred project. Our objective is to be a repairer and restorer of hope to many in our generation.

BMO plans to support and empower service users by organised programmes on site, providing activities, outings and developing life skills that will advance and meet individual needs

Our Person centered projects are:

Breach Menders Elderly and Widows Project.
Breach Menders Mothers and Child Project.
Breach Menders Youth Project.
Breach Menders Family Support Project.

Since started, BMO has begun reaching out to the targeted groups through divers programmes and aid. Our Staff and Volunteers are working on behalf of BMO to deliver the best services to the service users.

Future Operations: BMO is looking to reach out internationally to other countries of the world such as: Europe, South Africa, India, USA, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Caribbean, and Ghana

BMO through this vision propose to raise workers and volunteers from all works of life, Social worker, support workers, health workers, accountants, nurses, doctors, engineers, administrative personnel, and so on who with their talents and gifts will impact the life of the needy and deliver great service for BMO.

BMO, plans to have a centre where facilities which will provide programmes where service user can go for health advice, Educational centre where training will be provided to improve skills to create employment. BMO will organize also feeding programme for the hungry, specialized feeding for the vulnerable, and other faith based programme, and train local communities to reach their potential in area of their gift

A person’s livelihood is their means of earning a living. BMO Work programme will assist those seeking help in employment in the voluntary sector, each tailored to the particular needs, capacities and circumstances of local communities.

BMO will campaigns tirelessly against mistreatment of the Elderly, Children and the Vulnerable. It calls for total transparency and accountability in the handling and distribution of overseas aid. BMO will lobbies governments and other powerful institutions to implement the changes needed to effectively tackle the widespread neglect and oppression of the Elderly and The Vulnerable, which deprives the needy of their right. BMO’s advocacy work is driven by a desire to give a voice to the voiceless by continually reminding the global community of its obligations and commitments to the world’s poor and oppressed.